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Advice From a Caterpillar&“The Mock Turtle’s Story” – Alice in Wonderland

Chapter V of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland presents Alice to an odd Caterpillar smoking hookah while resting together with a giant mushroom. Throughout the initial encounter the 2 figures stare at each and every other in silence prior to the Caterpillar asks Alice whom she is.Thus far, Alice was experiencing a range of occasions that for that minute she could perhaps not explain who she would be to the Caterpillar. The Caterpillar’s mindset and annoyance towards Alice’s inability to spell out herself made her uncomfortable and her back to recite a poem, “You are old, Father William” as she turns to leave the Caterpillar calls. He knew that Alice was attempting to recite this poem since she had reached Wonderland but she had forgotten the lines. The forgetfulness and failure to define who this woman is enables Alice to appreciate that she does not understand whom she actually is anymore. Her confusion and emotions of despair further intensify if the Caterpillar seems to be reading her brain. As much as this aspect of this scene Alice was in fact experiencing a dilemma attempting to be her true height again. It’s that each and every time she consumes one thing she either got taller or got smaller. The Caterpillar had familiarity with Alice’s battle him, he stated “One side will make you grow taller, the other side will make you grow shorter” (40) before she could even ask. The Caterpillar had answered her question that is unspoken. She then becomes a lot more baffled and desperate fearing that she’s got lost ownership of her thoughts that are own.

The scene that is next of chapter presents Alice up to a Pigeon that accuses her of being fully a serpent. Alice claims that she consumes eggs, therefore the Pigeon contends that Alice must certanly be none other than a serpent since this egg eating trait is of a serpent.