About Us

Our background

We are pioneer type high tech professionals in microwave and electronics field in india. Set-up in January 1976, we have many FIRSTs in this business, few of them are as below:

1.  Our founder (Triple Gold Medalist with electronics engineering degree from Panjab Engineering College, Chandigarh) shook hands with late
     Herr Herman Fuchs of Weller Germany 38 years back to introduce their Soldering & Desoldering Stations in India with the promise to make
     it the most respectable brand thru Inde technical support for application and after-sales-service.

2.  We were chosen as exclusive Indian representative of Corning Electronics USA for their complete range of electronics components business
     in 1976, this relationship was discontinued in early 1990’s when this component business was disinvested by Corning.

3.  We have the distinction of working with Murata Mfg. Co. Ltd. Japan both as their Indian representative and distributors during 1979 to 2005.
     This relationship was discontinued when we took the decision to quit all electronics component business.

4.  We also have many other FIRST for introducing in India other famous brands, few of them are listed below:

     a)  Hipotronics Inc., USA for their High Voltage Test Systems
     b)  Thermotron Industries USA for their Environmental Chambers & Vibration Test Systems
     c)  Juki Corporation Japan for their SMT Pick and Placement Chip Shooters

     We finally took decision to quit completely all above large equipment business in 1995 when our 100% export-oriented medium scale
     manufacturing unit: Inde Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. became fully functional for selective German and European Customers.

5.  We started specialised Microwave & Fibre Optic related new business to cater hi-rel military applications. This also includes indigenous
     operation covering below:

     5.1  Phase Stable & Phase Matched Coaxial Cables for Radars, EW & Satcom use
     5.2  Fibre Optic Cables and FOC complete Links for Radars & EW applications

6.  Inde Associates Pvt. Ltd. has the distinction of introducing Spinner GmbH Germany in India in 2001 and building them as the most reputed
     supplier for complex Antenna Rotary Joints. We won the BEST Salesman of the Year award from them in 2010. Spinner GmbH has
     manufacturing operations worldwide: Germany, Hungary, China, USA & Brazil. Today Spinner/Inde duo is the preferred supplier for all highly
     prestigious projects such as 3-D CAR (Rohini, TCR, Revathi) Radars, Flight Level Radar, Aakash-Army Radar, Doppler Weather Radars,
     Tracking Radars of SHAR (ISTRAC) and many more.